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  • I-20, I-901, SEVIS Fees
  • PPL, IR, CPL TSA Fees
  • PPL, IR, CPL Final check-rides

All required books, charts, maps, FAA Log Book, fuel tester, kneeboard, PPL, IR, CPL FAA Written Tests, FAA Flight Medical, and aircraft check lists.

Up to 7 months shared accommodations including basic cable and internet, apartment insurance, twice monthly maid service, free use of apartment club house, exercise room, computer room, and swimming pool daily transportation to and from the school and accommodations.

Private accommodations available at additional cost.


PPL Cessna C-152

  • 40 Flight hours (20 dual/20 solo)
  • 30 hours ground school brief/post brief

Instrument C-172

  • 24 Flight hours dual
  • 11 hours single engine simulator
  • 30 hours ground school brief/post brief

Time Bulding

  • 135 hours solo flight

Commercial Multi

  • 25 Flight hours dual
  • 25 Hours ground school brief/post brief