List Of Things To Look
For In A School

Flight training is expensive and choosing the wrong school
could cost you your career.

Welcome to Cloud Dancer Aviation (CDA). We have a proud history of high quality education that we provide to our students which is one of the reasons why, even in these hard times all over the world, our graduates are still being hired. We found a long time ago that a pilot's license in your pocket will only guarantee you an interview, not a job. It is the QUALITY of your education that will get you the career that you are looking for.

Our academy is an FAA Part 141 certified Pilot School with over 18 years of experience. Our International graduates fly for airlines in Europe, India, Asia, the Middle East and all over the world.

  • GAA
  • DGCA
  • FAA
  • GACA
  • CAA
  • JAA

See the latest additions to our curriculum:

Aviation English Course for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers
Airbus-Direct A320 Jet training Program

Whether training to become a private pilot or a commercial aviator, the quality of your training can not be compromised. CDA's quality is the result of 3 generations of our family in Aviation experience and over 18 years of working with international students. Our location is one of the best to give you experience in all types of controlled and non-controlled airspace without the long taxi times and flight delays at larger airports.

Our history, experience, location and highest quality education make CDA one of the very best schools and highest

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